STUDENTISCHE AUSHILFSKRAFT – Werkstudentenstelle bei dem Bayerischen Aerospace Cluster bavAIRia e.V.

Unser Partner am Lehrstuhl für Flugsystemdynamik, die bavAIRia e.V. sucht eine Studentische Aushilfskraft als Werkstudentenstelle bei dem Bayerischen Aerospace Cluster bavAIRia e.V. zum Update der Customer-Relationship-Management Datenbank für die Bayerische Luftund

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PhD Scholarship (f/m/d) IGSSE Grant Copula-based Flight Safety Analyses (CopFly)

The Institute of Flight System Dynamics (FSD) of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) encompasses a flight safety working group, researching in the area of quantifying risks in aviation. Therefore, we are working on predictive analysis methods that combine physically motivated air vehicle models with large-scale, statistical analyses of operational flight data.

In collaboration with TUM’s Chair of Applied Mathematical Statistics (AMS), we aim to investigate aviation accident scenarios, by combining FSD’s knowledge of flight system dynamics with flexible, stochastic approaches that are developed at AMS. For this interdisciplinary field of research, we are offering a PhD scholarship to an aviation enthusiast, granted by TUM’s International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE).

Your envisioned research

  • Hands-on data engineering: Access several data sources such as Quick Access Recorder, ADS-B, Weather, Terrain, etc., enabling ample accident analyses
  • Flight system dynamics: Develop physically motivated models for air vehicles and associated accident scenarios in aviation
  • Model calibration: Combine physical and stochastic models and calibrate them, using real-world data
  • Uncertainty quantification: Use accident models and real-world data to quantify (very low) probabilities of aviation accidents

Your profile

  • Excellent master’s degree in preferably aerospace or mechanical engineering (or similar)
  • Expertise in system dynamics and probability theory
  • Prior experience in coding in at least one of either Matlab, Python or C++
  • Intrinsically motivated and keen on working in an international and interdisciplinary team

We offer

  • A scholarship of €2000 per month for 36 months, to obtain a PhD from TUM
  • Membership in TUM’s International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE)
  • Interdisciplinary and international research environment
  • Extra funding for international travel (including a three-month research stay abroad)


Planned start of the scholarship is August/September 2020.

We do appreciate equal opportunities and diversity – therefore we particularly encourage women and persons of diverse gender to apply. Applicants with disabilities are treated with preference given comparable qualification.

As part of your application, you provide personal data to the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Please view our privacy policy on collecting and processing personal data in the course of the application process pursuant to Art. 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR) at By submitting your application, you confirm to have read and understood the data protection information provided by TUM.


Please send your application materials, including a CV, your degree with detailed transcript of records and supporting documentation via E-Mail, with subject line ‘Application CopFly’, to:

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-Mail, using subject line ‘Query CopFly’.

Part Time / Full Time Jobs: Software – Cloud – UAVs – UGVs

Our partner Cloud Ararat GmbH is offering part and full time jobs as UAS Software Engineer, Mobile Application Developer and Software Developer.

For detailed information please check job posting:

Cloud Ararat GmbH
Address : Willy-Messerschmitt-Straße 1
82024, Taufkirchen, Bayern
Tel/Whatsapp : +49 151 54119300
Email :
Web :
Product :

Entwicklungsingenieur (m/w/d) Flugführung und Systemsimulation

Unser Partner MBDA Deutschland GmbH sucht einen Entwicklungsingenieur (m/w/d) Flugführung und Systemsimulation

Für eine detaillierte Stellenbeschreibung folgen Sie bitte dem Link

MBDA Deutschland
Hagenauer Forst 27
86529 Schrobenhausen

DOKTORANDIN / DOKTORAND Computer Vision für Luftfahrtanwendungen

Unser Partner der Universität der UniBw München, die Professur für Luftfahrttechnikan der Fakultät für Luft‐ und Raumfahrttechnik sucht eine/n Doktorandin/Doktorand Computer Vision für Luftfahrtanwendungen. (Befristete Vollzeitstelle, Möglichkeit zur Promotion zum Dr.‐Ing., Vergütung nach E13 TVÖD)

Detaillierte Informationen sowie die Kontaktdaten finden Sie in der Stellenbeschreibung:

Werkstudent (m/w/d) für IMU-basierte Bewegungsanalyse

Die Moticon ReGo AG sucht ab sofort eine/n Werkstudenten (m/w/d) für die Entwicklung einer IMU-basierten Bewegungsanalyse. Die Tätigkeit umfasst:

  • Schatzung von Bewegungstrajektorien anhand von IMU-Daten
  • Berechnung von klinischen und trainingswissenschaftlichen Parametern auf Basis von Beschleunigungen und Drehraten
  • Einbetten der Bewegungsanalyse in kontext-erkennende Arti cial Intelligence (AI)
  • Durchfuhren von Messungen mit Bewegungsanalysesystemen
  • Validierung von Algorithmen mit Datensatzen aus dem Spitzensport

Weitere Informationen sowie die Kontaktdaten finden Sie in der Stellenausschreibung.

Semester- /Master thesis: When bad things happen to good rockets: Failure Detection Algorithms in Rocket and Missile Avionics

Motivation and task description:

The Institute of Flight System Dynamics is currently developing a flying missile testbed for the evaluation of nonlinear-adaptive flight control algorithms and state of the art avionics concepts. This is done in the scope of a joint development project together with companies from the aerospace industry and the Technion in Haifa. A sensor- or actuator fault in the rocket or missile avionics can lead to a chain of effects resulting in a disastrous outcome. The application of Failure Detection, Isolation and Reconfiguration (FDIR) algorithms are therefore of particular interest in rocket and missile avionics design.

In the scope of this development project two special cases demand the implementation of a failure detection algorithm: First, during test flights the flight termination system shall be triggered when a component fault is detected and hence limit the impact of the missile on the test site. Second, novel flight control systems offer the possibility of coping with hardware faults by implementing redundancy measures. However, this redundancy can only be useful when the fault can be detected, the origin of the fault isolated and the undesired outcome mitigated by reconfiguring the flight control system.

In the scope of this thesis a fault detection and isolation algorithm shall be developed that is able to detect sensor or actuator faults within the avionics system and activate the flight termination system accordingly. Special emphasis shall be taken to allow the extension of the algorithm to cope with systematic failures and the reconfiguration of the Flight Control System.

Working packages:

  • WP1: Literature review on faults, fault modeling and fault detection (FDIR) within an avionics system
  • WP2: Identification of possible failure modes within the avionics system
  • WP3: Modeling of the identified faults and implementation into a missile flight simulation environment
  • WP4: Development of a suitable failure detection and isolation algorithm
  • WP5: Implementation and test of the developed algorithm into the missile flight simulation environment
  • WP6: (Optional) Implementation and test of the developed algorithm into the missile avionics testbed


  • Self organized and independent working style
  • Experience with Matlab/Simulink required
  • Experience with filter design and systems engineering desirable
  • Interest in rocket flight control and simulation

Please find pdf. document

Contact: Thomas Lausenhammer Mail: